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Trailer Axle Maintenance

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2017


Trailer axle routine maintenance and maintenance

(1) Check the trailer axle before the vehicle is running the external connection bolts are loose, whether the trailer axle oil spill, wheel hub, reducer assembly is abnormal and so on.

(2) Trailer axle forcible maintenance:

A: compulsory maintenance depending on the use of different conditions in the vehicle traveling between 3000-5000km.

B: The first maintenance includes: replacement of lubricating oil, gear oil, check the front axle front, adjust the brake clearance, check the fasteners and so on.

(3) trailer axle regular maintenance:

A: Regular maintenance is carried out every 10,000 km after the first maintenance.

B: regular maintenance of the contents are: the replacement of lubricating oil, tighten the fasteners, check the front beam, check the brake friction plate wear, to wear the limit should be given timely replacement and adjust the brake clearance, check the gear assembly , And the main drive gear and passive gear clearance is too large, gear oil is more than the use of performance, if a similar situation should be timely adjustment of the gap and the replacement of grease.