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How To Distinguish Between True And False Accessories?

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

1) Packaging accessories car accessories manufacturer of packaging in general are relatively standardized, standardized, clear and regular printing, packaging andprint products are relatively poor, can often easily find packaging defects;

2) Car accessories to see some original parts of the specified color color, other colors are counterfeit parts;

3) Car accessories original accessories of printing and marking a clear appearanceor the type of the formal, as well as rough-looking counterfeit products;

4) Of unscrupulous traders will be used as a simple paint processing components,such as demolition, installation, fight together, paint and other treatments, and then pretending to be qualified to sell illegally acquired high profits;

5) See the texture of raw materials is designed according to the design, use qualified materials, counterfeit products are alternatives to use cheap inferior materials;

6) Look at the appearance of the product of the process is sometimes is good, butbecause of poor technology, easy to crack, sand and slag, burrs or scratches;