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What are the advantages of a steel spring suspension?

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2017

1.All welding component manufactured by ourself

2. From Ride,Stability,Cost these advantage than air ride suspension.


   When you have cargo to deliver, you want to know that it will arrive in the best      condition possible. In a standard supply line, the product leaves a factory, travels via over-the-road trailers or trains and/or ships, and then is delivered to its final destination a variety of ways. Most of this voyage will take place on steel spring suspensions, which have been improved upon over the years to provide a smooth ride for your products.Stability Steel springs do all the work of stabilizing your steel spring suspension. They prevent excess motion by dampening roughness from the road. By comparison, an air bag acts like a bouncing ball – it has no dampening to keep it from moving around, so it will react to every movement it feels.

The springs themselves have evolved over the years to last longer and are readily available. Most of the trailer springs used today were originally created by Hutchens Industries for our own spring suspensions; MANY versions of these springs are now available. For example, a TRA-2726 spring is the well-known after-market version of the HUTCH 354-00, one of our most common and reliable springs. However, as in any replacement, the quality of the service parts is critical to maintain your steel spring suspension for the life of operation.

It’s no secret: a steel spring suspension will get the load delivered intact as economically as possible.