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Trailer parts industry what is the development

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Stream transport can be said to be semi-trailer the maximum demand of the product market, the current domestic freight, large and small enterprises work togethernearly 3 million, laid the groundwork for trailer and accessories market development. Judging from the policy. But ordinary trailer will eventually belong to low-tech da Lu Huo Yuan, the production process is simple, labour-intensive. Dozens of, national development of container trucks, vans, special semi-trailer, load in more than8 tons of heavy goods vehicles and other products included in the development plan of the road transport industry and formulated a series of preferential policies.Cargo growth in market demand for semi-trailers has become inevitable. Productsshould also see special semi-trailer belonging to the State encourages the development of models. More than 10 people even using some simple tools can complete the semi-trailer Assembly. This feature makes the barrier to entry is very low. Then the future trend of our trailer parts industry do?

1. Heavy duty, and multiaxial manufacturing trends. From the perspective of industry fundamentals, urbanisation and infrastructure construction in China's new special purpose vehicle requirements and update there is a big demand, growth is vast.

2. The product of high technology, high added value trends. With the increasing competition in the market, labour-intensive products price to win competitive advantage would be deprecated, technological innovation will become the special purpose vehicle trade mode of economic growth, the market demand for high-tech andhigh value-added products will be greatly increased, this trend will improve transport production of special purpose vehicle enterprise development contains a higher high technology and semi products with high added value initiatives.

3. Corporate joint ventures, asset restructuring trends. In recent years, the manufacturing sector began to move overseas, to China's special purpose vehicle providessome opportunities to enter the international market. Meanwhile, foreign car companies to seek new sources of economic growth, has a keen interest in exploring the Chinese market. Joint venture of semi-trailers and other products with high added value in China's development will play a positive role.