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Semitrailer tank car maintenance

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Think tank car maintenance is an oil change, which is very one-sided, is wrong. Tanker of conservation is widely of concept, including engine the system of oil liquid and the filter device replaced, and clean (oil, and gear oil, and brake oil, and since variable oil, and power oil, and glass water, and battery water, and machine filter, and steam filter, and empty filter, and air conditioning filter,), shipped oil car easy loss pieces of replaced maintenance as belt, and spark plug, and battery, and brake tablets, and ball head, and clutch device tablets, and shock absorbers,, tanker beauty (wash car, and external paint surface nursing, and indoor ornaments pieces nursing and so on).

Regular vehicle maintenance to maintain the vehicle's performance and prolong itslife. This is an oil truck maintenance of wearing parts is how to inspection, maintenance, replacement and wearing parts found in conservation what phenomena andphenomena that explain what's wrong with the car.
Usually spark plug life is 15000km, the long-lasting spark plug life is 30000km. Ignition coil spark plugs are used to produce pulses of high voltage introduce combustion chamber, electric spark ignited the mixture produced using electrodes, complete combustion.

Model consists of three parts of the domestic spark plug number or letter. The number indicates the diameter of the thread in front, such as the number 1 that represents thread diameter 10MM, letters spark plug into the cylinder in the middle ofthe length of the section; last number indicates the spark plug heat: 1-3-heat, 5, 6medium, 7 per cent for cold type. Spark plug "gap" is the main technical indicators, the gap is too large, high voltage to the ignition coil and distributor of skip, engine starting difficulties if the clearance is too small, can cause spark weak and prone to leakage.

Spark plug faults in the following two cases: spark plug serious erosion, marked, at the top of spark plug damaged or electrode melting, ablation that spark plug have been damaged and should be replaced. Spark plug deposits, sometimes between the top of the spark plug insulator and electrode adhesive deposits, which cancause engine does not work, such as cleaning the spark plug can be temporarily remedied, but must identify failure root cause.