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Semi-trailer towing what testing

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Traction seat structure requirements for mounting plate (flat and corrugated platetwo plate height is 12 and 20mmm the two, wave height, 50, 70, 100mm three) traction sheave, horizontal pendulum with longitudinal swing angle corners and traction should set the damping and the request for additional buffer, which is conducive to safety.

According to national standards requirements, using ANSYS software half trailer 90# car traction seat for has structure static analysis and fatigue analysis, obtained has structure in static force lift rose test in the of stress strain results, and in dynamic test in the of forecast fatigue life and fatigue consumption coefficient, validation has structure of reliability, for traction seat of actual design calculation provides has reference, effective to save has manufacturers of development cost.

In has λ shaped opening of traction seat Board of on both sides the fixed a bearing, two bearing Zhijian of square box bottom fixed lock block sliding Guide, and lock block Xia end of flat put in Guide Shang, its left end and pendulum Rod top connection, manipulation rod and pendulum rod of upper connection, manipulation Rod Shang plane Shang also set has insurance slot, insurance bezel put in insurance slot within. The utility when the car when combined with hanging compartments, locking mechanism can work automatically when hanging pin into the traction of thecar seat when the limit position of the λ-shaped opening, locking the locking blocks can automatically achieve the intended location, greatly improving traction device usability, and security.

Semi trailer traction seat strength requirements from static instrumentation beginsfrom the research point of view, because currently there is no precedent for dynamic testing of traction, it needs from abroad, acquisition or internal developmentof dynamic testing of traction device.

Therefore, the standard comes into force, you can start from static testing, national automobile quality supervision and inspection center, large semi-trailer manufacturing enterprises and traction configuration testing dynamic testing of traction device as soon as possible, after a period of preparation, transition to synchronized static testing and dynamic testing.