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Semi-trailer tanker structures

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Semitrailer tank car is divided into two parts, tank parts and supporting skeleton or running parts of the tank,Semitrailer tank car back is largely the same, after the bridge (two axes), three bridges (c axis) points, you need to select the film leader. Usually protrudes from thebrand to refer to semi-trailer tank truck.

Semitrailer tank car tanks

1. Tanks for the steel company's 4mm or 6mm according to national standards formanufacturing of high quality carbon steel, profile or radius of the ellipse-shapedtank, 1-4 oil can be loaded. Production of heat insulation series tanks.

2. Alcohol, chemical tanker Korean imports of stainless, thickness of 4mm-5mm.

3, Various types of tank plastic hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, Lye produced in thickness 12mm-22mm.

4, Tanks equipped with multichannel wave baffles. Using high pressure gas leak detection, so tank has high strength, steady Center of gravity, vehicles carrying safe and stable and so on.

5, According to tanker use a centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, stainless steel pumps, flow, speed and so on.

6, A tanker measuring can be operated by a single count, double counting flow, tanker can be equipped with tax control computer, install 10-15 automatically retractable reel, equipped with nozzle. Edible oil can use edible oil computer meter formetering.