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Development status of trailer accessories market

Jinan Ketian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Trailer accessories is the key body of more complex parts, must meet a number ofperformance requirements, comply with some regulations and recognized standards. The past, trailer parts parts made in China, only notes the product's geometrictolerances on shape, size, and so on, lack of product ideas, running, processing environment, material status, such as considering modalities on integration, resulting in a number of domestic manufacture process failures.

Trailer parts: axles on the vehicle centre of gravity (when the vehicle even when loaded), and can be horizontal or vertical force transmission coupling devices for trailer to tractor. Dedicated semi-trailers: according to its design and technical features as: subject to special arrangements in order to accommodate personnel and (or); implementation of some provisions of transport tasks. For example, log trailer,fire trailer air compressor, low floor semi-trailers, semi-trailer, and so on. Living trailer: sleep can provide activities of trailer.

Middle axle trailer: traction devices cannot be moved vertically (relative to the trailer), the axle is located close to the trailer's centre of gravity (when uniformly loaded) trailer, the vehicles only a small vertical load on the towing vehicle, trailer, does not exceed the equivalent of 10% of maximum quality and 1000N load (whichever is smaller). One or more axis can be driven by tractors.

Trailer parts in some enterprises limited axle products, currently in the process ofrapid development of the enterprise, products, many market orders, the differentneeds of the different users of the product, variety of models, specifications, product research and development capabilities to keep up. Working in product development, due to lack of application of advanced technologies, led to design work, duplication of effort and long development cycle, design mainly depends on the designer's experience, lack of scientific analysis and optimization, design errors oftenlead to modify drawings in the manufacturing process, resulting in waste, rework and other unnecessary losses.